When should I place my order?

To maintain quality standards and a personalized experience, I take on a limited number of clients each year. It is recommended that you place your order as early as possible to ensure availability. Timelines depend on the project scope.


Begin process at least 4 months prior to wedding date

Use the guide below to determine when you should order and mail your wedding invitations based on your wedding month.

Can I rush my order?

Rush orders are accommodated based on availability. Projects needed under a 6 week turn around are subject to a 20% rush fee of your order total. Please check for availability.

Will my invitations come assembled?

This is completely up to you! You may opt to assemble them yourselves or I offer a premium assembly service with the option to have them mailed for you as a hands-off, stress free experience!

How much will postage cost?

Once your order is complete you will need to bring a fully assembled invitation to the Post Office to be weighed for postage. The amount of postage required for your invitations will vary depending on the weight and embellishments chosen. Ribbon and Wax seals will automatically incur an additional charge for being a non-machinable parcel. Postage will run ¢55 for 1 ounce sets and an additional ¢15 for each additional ounce.

What print methods do you offer?

I focus mainly on digital printing which is the most versatile and economical method. Letterpress and foil are available upon request.

Can I change the colors on a collection design?

Yes! The collection designs are highly customizable to fit the style and colors of your wedding. Ink and envelope colors, 

liner colors and patterns, belly bands, it can all be custom 

tailored to your specifications. The only exception is the 

watercolor florals. While custom color palettes for the florals can be accommodated it will incur an additional fee which is calculated on a case by case basis.  


Order in September

Mail in November


Order in October

Mail in December


Order in November

Mail in January


Order in December

Mail in February


Order in January

Mail in March


Order in February

Mail in April


Order in March

Mail in May


Order in April

Mail in June


Order in May

Mail in July


Order in June

Mail in August


Order in July

Mail in September


Order in August

Mail in October

Can I change the fonts on a collection design?

While font changes on house designs is not recommended, it can be accommodated. Keep in mind that most of the design is driven by the font choice so changing a font will greatly alter the final look.

How will my invitations ship?

All orders are shipped USPS Priority with tracking, insurance, and require signature upon delivery. In order to provide my clients with the best possible shipping rates, shipping is calculated by weight once the order is complete. There is a flat shipping charge of $20 applied to your initial invoice. This will be credited toward your final shipping invoice.

What are inner envelopes and are they necessary?

Inner envelopes basically carried through from tradition but, they are beneficial and here's why; your inner envelopes hold the invitation suite and will be fitted inside the outer mailing envelope. The main benefit to using inner envelopes is clearing up exactly who is invited to the wedding – especially for those families with children. While the outer envelope would be addressed to "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe" the inner envelope would be addressed to "Mr. & Mrs. Doe or John & Jane" if the children are invited to the wedding their names would be listed on the second line.  The second benefit provides protection for your investment if you choose to include envelope liners. Envelope liners are adhered to the inside of your inner envelopes, that don't get glued shut, as opposed to the mailing envelope if you choose to omit them – this affords your liners to remain pristinely intact when your guests open them. Without inner envelopes, your liners are adhered to the inside of your mailing envelopes that risk being damaged or even sliced in half when your guests open them.

What is the difference between Escort and Place cards?


are used at the entrance to your reception to inform your guests of their table number.

One card per couple.


are used at the place setting to direct your guests to the seat that is assigned to them at the table. These are also often used to indicate meal choices. 

One card is required per guest.


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