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Terms & Conditions

Payment Schedule

All orders require a non-refundable, 50% retainer and signed agreement prior to beginning any design work. Your balance must be paid in full before your order goes into production. Once your order is complete, it will be weighed for shipping. A final shipping invoice will be sent and payment of the shipping invoice will release your order. 


All prices listed in the price guide are subject to change without notice. Once you reserve your spot by signing the agreement and paying the retainer, your prices will be locked in at current rates unless quantities change or the project scope is altered during the design process. 

Design Timeline

Once you book, you will be provided with a detailed timeline of important dates to help us keep on track throughout the design process. Depending on when you book, some time may pass before we begin your design. Once the time comes to begin, the design process will take 2-3 weeks. Custom artwork will add up to 4 weeks to the design process. Blonde & Brindle Design Co. is not responsible for any delays that may occur due to your failure to provide all necessary information as outlined in your timeline.

Proofs & Revisions

You will receive one initial proof and three revision rounds, thereafter, to make minor changes and adjustments. Revisions do not constitute a redesign. Additional revision rounds needed, beyond those included, will incur a $25 setup charge for each additional round


It is your responsibility to proofread and make sure everything shown in the proofs is correct. By signing the proof, you agree that all text and design will appear exactly as displayed with no further changes. If errors are found on printed pieces, that match the approved proofs, the cost of a reprint is assumed by you along with any rush fees, if necessary.  In the event errors are found on the printed piece that do not match the signed and approved proofs, I will take full responsibility and any action necessary to remedy the issue and will proceed with a full reprint free of any additional charge.

Quantities & Change of Scope

Once approval has been submitted for the design to go into production, quantities may not decrease for any reason. An increase in quantities or change of scope, after proof approval and once production has begun, will require a reorder (see below.) During the design process, if materials are changed and/or pieces are added/removed from the order, this indicates a change of scope for the project. I will present you with new invoice totals as soon as they are available. These changes must be made prior to proof approval to not be considered a reorder. 

Two complimentary order adjustments are included if you need to make adjustments. Order adjustments beyond two will result in an account adjustment fee of $25. 

Reorder Policy

It is advised to order at least 10% more than you need to accommodate last minute guest additions or invitations that get lost in the mail and need to be resent. In the event you need more sets to be printed, after production has begun, and/or after the order has been completed and delivered, a minimum order quantity of 25 will be required. I will provide an invoice and included shipping costs for the additional pieces. Embellishment items including, but not limited to, postage, wax seals, and ribbon may not be able to be reordered.

Materials and Embellishments

I cannot guarantee that identical materials & embellishments agreed upon will be available from my suppliers at the time of ordering. There are times when agreed upon materials are discontinued or out of stock when I go to order. In the event this happens, I will provide a suitable alternative within the same price range as the original materials. In the event you choose something out of the price range, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the two costs. 


Color Disclaimer

I strive to represent all colors as accurately as possible, but due to variations in how computer monitors display colors, the colors shown on your screen may look different in person. To get a better representation of exact colors please purchase a sample kit.


All orders are shipped USPS Priority with the option to add insurance and signature upon delivery requirements. In order to provide my clients with the best possible shipping rates, shipping is calculated by weight once the order is complete. There is a flat shipping charge of $20 applied to the initial invoice. This will be credited toward the final shipping invoice. Once the items are shipped, Blonde & Brindle cannot be held responsible for any damages that may incur during the shipping process or any lost, delayed, or stolen packages. I am unable to provide tracking updates beyond the information that third party mail carriers release. In the event a reprint is required due to a lost, delayed, or stolen package, or damages incurred during the shipping process, all associated costs, after any insurance coverage is applied (printing, materials, supplies, and shipping) will be assumed by you.

Assembly & Mailing

Your invitations will arrive unassembled, unless premium assembly is included with your order. 

Blonde & Brindle has no control over what happens to the invitations once they have been turned over to USPS to be mailed to your guests. Blonde & Brindle Design Co. cannot be held responsible for any smudged addresses, torn, ripped, or opened envelopes or loss by the USPS. 

It is your responsibility to check with a USPS postmaster for the correct amount of postage to be used on your stationery. 

Blonde & Brindle Design Co. is not responsible for resending, reprinting or reimbursing invitations that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, it is expected that 1-3% of the mailed pieces may be marked undeliverable. It is advised to order at least 10% beyond what is needed for this reason. It can take USPS anywhere from a day to 3 weeks or more to deliver a piece of mail, and it is out of my control.

Returns & Cancellations

Due to the custom nature of wedding stationery, orders are not eligible for return or exchange.


Order cancellations can be made any time prior to completing your final payment and giving approval for print resulting in forfeiture of your initial retainer and any design materials ordered. Orders that have been approved and gone to print cannot, for any reason, be canceled or changed.

Sales tax

I am required to collect sales tax on all orders shipped within Michigan in accordance with the state law. I cannot make any exceptions for any reason. 


Any personal information you provide to me is kept confidential and is solely used to communicate with you. This information is never shared with or sold to any outside party. 

Design Property

All designs are created exclusively by Blonde & Brindle Design Co. LLC and are the sole property of Blonde & Brindle. All designs and images may not be reproduced in any form without consent from me. I reserve the right to all designs and as such reserve the right to photograph, distribute and/or sell any work I create for you. All content on this site which includes but is not limited to: text, images, designs, and photographs, are copyrights, and intellectual property owned and controlled by Blonde & Brindle Design Co. LLC. You may not reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, display, or modify any contents of this site. 

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